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IBPSIA - International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association


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   Will Close September 30th 2016


Bowling Lessons and Ball Consultations will continue to be offered, while we seek another location for our retail store. Keep us in mind if you want to be a better Bowler!

Warren and Kathy Friedl

Owners Revolutions



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My Goals  

Revolutions-Mokena is dedicated to help you, be a better bowler.

My mission statement:

Help people under stand the benefit of proper ball fit and how current technologies can benefit them. Providing information and answering questions to help customers make educated decisions.

Thank you,

Warren Friedl

Revolutions Pro Shops


Del Warren, USA Bowling Gold Coach, former President of the International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association (IBPSIA), Vice President of Kegel Training Center, and former President of (ball manufacturer) Track Inc. said of Revolution's Warren Friedl, "Warren is one of the best fitters in the country."

Friedl is International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association (IBPSIA) certified as a fitter and driller. As a Charter Member of IBPSIA (since 1991), he has attended ongoing training, conferences and trade shows to build and maintain his technical knowledge.

Understanding the art of fitting, the techniques of drilling and ball layout including Bill Hall's Tri-Grip System, and Joe Slowinski's Anatomical Drilling Technique (or ADT) and how to help meet customer's needs is an ever changing part of bowling.

Friedl writes for "Pro Shop Operator" Magazine (an International trade publication for the Bowling Industry). He has contributed to Bowlers Journal International Magazine, Chicago's Windy City Bowling News and AllExperts.com (fielding questions about the Sport of Bowling on the independent web site).

Friedl received Certification, in the IBPSIA Hands On Training - On Lanes  program, and, in August 2015, he attended the two day DYDS (Drop Your Damn Shoulder) clinic created by USA Bowling Gold Coach, Joe Slowinski, even improving coaching skills is a priority.

It is important to know that the workmanship and design of a bowler's fit is 100% guaranteed. It is not at all uncommon to need a minor adjustment at some point.

Please stop in anytime for a FREE adjustment. I also adjust any equipment (even balls I didn't drill) for FREE, to help you maximize the fun when you visit our home here at Thunder Bowl.

Warren Friedl

Revolutions Pro Shops

Revolutions - Mokena


                                         Welcome to Phantom Radio

Every week will feature a report of interest to those of you who love Bowling, as we do! On this program, we will be doing many stories and interviews along with reporting on topics that you'll be interested in and won't want to miss. We will also be doing some commentaries and expressing our opinion as well as talking to some of the makers and shakers of this great sport.

The Foundation: A group of people dedicated to the preservation of the sport of Bowling.

You MUST have "Real Player" to view these radio/TV interviews. It is available in a "pay and FREE" version. Click here to download either version.

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