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IBPSIA - International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association

Revolutions Consulting

Orland Park, IL

As a bowling center General Manager, Warren Friedl  worked a variety of bowling businesses (12, 24, 32, and 38 lane centers). From a small center (12) to a mid sized center (32) which was part of a three center group (104 lanes). Across a 17 year career, many many events, opportunities and issues cropped up.

Friedl successfully built his league base, ran wildly successful tournament programs, defended legal issues, and organized and trained staffs up to 50 people.

With knowledge and experience in marketing and sales and common sense organizational skills, Friedl ventured onto the Internet with a web presence, exploring social media and testing promotions (like Groupon, and Kids Bowl Free) helped lift him to the top job at every center he chose to work at.

Intending to buy a bowling center, he bought a small bowling business at the urging of his banker. The Revolutions bowling stores were born including: Revolutions Wheaton (13 years), Revolutions-Tinley Park (8 1/2 years) and Revolutions-Mokena (10 1/2 years). As a Bowling (Pro Shop) business owner, he approached his new venture intending to create a retail environment that shopping mall stores would envy.

But this savvy business man proved to his landlords, that his businesses were so valuable to the bowling centers that for some services, and promotional ideas and program contributions that they should forgo charging him rent (for 19 years). Something else for mall stores to ENVY!

He eventually presented his business model to bowling center owners and managers via the Bowling Proprietors Association of America as part of their Management Schools education program.

As a Charter Member of the International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association, Friedl worked on the Board of Directors for two terms, also, was on the Executive Board (Secretary/Treasurer).

Creating education programs and on lane consultations for customers, Friedl created a retail environment where improvement was guaranteed because of the commitment to provide comfort, information and the right tools to his customers.

A coaching business evolved from Friedl's desire to share what he has learned from Vesma Grinfelds (NBC), Dick Ritger (PBA/ABC HOF), Fred Bordan (USBC Gold), Carmen Salvino (PBA HOF), Susie Minshew (USBC Gold), and Joe Slowinski (USBC Gold), among others. Including the IBPSIA Hots On Lanes program.

Also, 5 decades of bowling fires up Friedl to share his love for the game.

He occasionally shows off that love and knowledge.

Congratulations Coach Friedl! Bowling Monday April 9th 2018 in the Oaklawn Sportsman's League at Orland Bowl, Friedl rolled a perfect 300 game (his eighth) and 760 series (203-257-300).



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